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A.R. Rahman’s two greatest songs

A.R. Rahman’s most under rated songs are perhaps his most artistic, in the honesty of their vision and expression. It’s as if he is straining at the leashes of mainstream film music, and trying to leave behind some imprints of true artistic genius that people may well realize only years after his ‘hits’ have become pale in the collective consciousness. It’s like he is leaving behind some aspects of his legacy, only for future enjoyment. Here are two of his greatest songs in my opinion:

Do Kadam, from Meenaxi.

It’s’ really a song about inviting life on a journey – or even the body and spirit urging each other to move towards a final destination or consummation, at a magical place full of mystery, beauty and fulfillment. And the last verse (Koun rehta hain sada? chalke dekhen to zara) is possibly the most philosophical question a hindi film lyric has ever asked, though I’m not about whether that was intentional.

Rehna Tu, from Delhi 6

I imagine a melancholic man walking alone through the streets of a city at midnight, lost in his own thoughts, while explaining his spiritual position on love to no one in particular except the night itself.


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I recently watched a talk by a brain scientist who suffered a stroke that caused the left side of her brain to temporarily ‘shut down’. With only her right brain functioning, she described how she felt one with the universe… and could no longer relate to the notion of a self identity ( ” I “) or even the boundary of her own physical body.

The description resembled the descriptions of ‘Brahman’, the universal soul etc that one finds in the Upanishads.

Eventually, the study of consciousness, mental processes etc might finally lead science to a the same point that religion/metaphysics reached thousands of years ago. I’m copy pasting the transcript of the talk i referred to.

To read the transcript or view the video of the talk, go here: Stroke of insight: by Jill Bolte

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Sagarika Ghoshe on the Ardh Kumbh

Kumbh 2007

“I had expected raucous crowds, filth, stampeding multitudes and ghastly conditions. Instead, among the dirt poor pilgrims that moved towards the sangam, I found dignity, introspection and a deep quiet.Among the rogues and trickers in the sadhu samaj, I found philosophers, graduates in physics and chemistry for whom god was a quest for the ancient energy that started the earth.”

The Kumbh reminds us of the purity in man’s eternal quest for truth, which these days has been defiled by the likes of VHP who claim to be representatives of Hinduism.

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Fully loaded

purnam adah purnam idam
purnat purnam udacyate
purnasya purnam adaya
purnam evavashishyate

That is full. This is full.
From the full, arises the full.
Take the full from the full,
the full alone remains.


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