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Oprah Winfrey – Stanford Commencement Address

Excellent, pertinent advice – check it out!


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Who will be India’s Obama?

Rajdeep Sardesai makes an interesting point about the sidelining of youth in Indian politics by either the older guard or by sycophantic dynasty politics.

In the week when 46-year-old Barack Obama was being anointed the Democratic party’s presidential candidate in the United States, Tamil Nadu’s chief minister M Karunanidhi was being felicitated on his 85th birthday. While Obama made a stirring speech in front of hundreds of cheering young Americans, the DMK patriarch mumbled a few words on stage in the company of his two sons, MK Stalin and Azhagiri, both jostling to be heir-apparents to their ageing father’s legacy. The contrast could not have been more stark: in America, Obama represents “change” and “equal opportunity”, a charismatic Afro-American Harvard-educated lawyer who has risen up the political ladder through merit and hard work.

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