The new and improved ‘Management by Matrices’

As you can see, this blog has just made the leap of faith, from being a drab old blog (in terms of look, not content!), to a sleek, sexy branded look. Many thanks to Joshua ‘design’ Karthik for that.

I recently discovered, that a few quality blogs (like this one), find this blog’s content worthwhile to list it in their favourites. That was motivation enough for me to go for a more branded look, in addition to trying and maintaining a healthy posting frequency. Now, if only I actively ‘promoted’ this blog, I suppose more traffic would come in. However, I tend to be a little more traditional in my views as far as promotion is concerned. I would prefer my readers to do the promotion if they like my stuff, rather than do it myself. Yes, I seem to be disregarding, an important ‘P’ of marketing. Hmm..who knows, I may just decide to turn immodest!!

Watch this space for more…



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4 responses to “The new and improved ‘Management by Matrices’

  1. Karthik

    Interesting articles dude. Keep writing – Karthik

  2. yell

    nicely done,
    good work joshua.
    i like the bright, light feel with the glassy osx accents.

  3. Harini

    Well the Joshua”design”Karthik is also playing the role of Joshua”marketer”Karthik. But am glad he did. Really liked your blog. Not too much of a blogger myself and dont spend too much time reading other’s blogs, but yours had me hooked. Keep it flowing

  4. Mohit Kishore

    Thanks Harini!

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