Smaller cell phones please…

I’ve been looking at the trend of mobile phones growing in size with amusement. I thought the logical way to go would be have smaller and smaller phones, till you had one that fit into your ear (or implanted into your brain!). On the contrary, mobile phone makers are trying hard to fit in every possible function into the device from camera’s to FM radios to e-mail clients. As a result, the end product is a lot more bulky than a purely functional phone. A better way to do things would be to make smaller phones that do the basics, which have lighter batteries that last longer, which radiate less heat, which probably integrate voice with video and which finally make the ‘talking to people’ experience better.
It’s about time somebody did to mobile phones what Apple did with the i-Pod – create a super simplified phone that can be used for only one thing – making calls. I mean, who uses a mobile phone for any serious photography??

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  1. Nirav

    I don’t quite agree with your thoughts here. Sony has tried doing what you are saying with its ‘easy’ range (Easy FM, Easy Text, Bigger Screen, something like that). But I doubt that it would work. Doesn’t even go with the Sony image (considering that this range is by the same brand that has W550i and other phones).

    The cellphone has evolved from being just an instrument to “be in touch”. So people don’t want just a portable phone.

    Regarding the analogy, Nokia is doing the iPod thing to cellphones, with its N Series.

    For the amateur photographer, N90 is a camera that can be carried whenever he is on the move, no need to carry a separate camera.
    For the music-lover, N91 makes iPod redundant.
    There is a similar one targeted at the office-goer, which would be a cheaper / lighter laptop (forgot the model name).

    Also, the kind of features my phone has also talks about my status. How many people would actually need something like a Nokia 6680 or an N70, or even Samsung D600 compared to those who have these?

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