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Evam Indrajit – playing in Mumbai

Been addictively watching plays at Prithvi Theatre. Managed to catch a play called Evam Indrajit last night. Must say, its one of the better Indian plays that I have watched. It tells the story of 3 stereotypical modern day Indian youngsters and their mindless, random and circular lives (much like the most of us). The play (by Badal Sircar), supposedly an Indian classic, managed, to capture the Sisyphian concepts of absurdity and existential depression(?) quite well. The ending though was a bit of disappointment for a play whose tagline was “Your life in three acts.” While the play raised questions on such themes as the meaning and purpose of life, it failed to give many answers except “walk the road of life, regardless”.

Still, a decent play. Though originally written in the 60s, its been adapted quite deftly by the theatre group, which incidentally calls itself Evam. Catch it if you are in Mumbai. The play moves next to Bangalore. Here’s a more detailed review if you are interested.


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